35Bikes Fat/Thin Chainring and Bash Guard Combo

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35Bikes Fat/Thin Chainring and Bash Guard Combo

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Narrow Wide / Bash Guard Combo | 104 BCD


*Bundle only comes with one guard*
Just like the Atkins diet one minute this ring is fat, then bam, the next thing you know its thin. Not ideal for a healthy lifetstyle but perfect for chain retention.

Made from a hard anodised alloy (7075 T651) these guys are designed to stand the test of time. Sticking to the norm we have employed a standard 104 BCD spacing. Compatible with 8,9 and 10 speed drive trains.
30t: 45g | 32t: 47g | 34t: 49g | 36t: 53g

"Keeps your chain on your bike and your change in your pocket"

In a perfect world we all ride as smooth as silk and carry speed like Peaty through even the roughest terrain, in the real world our bikes take a clattering on a daily basis. The 35Bikes bash guard simply mounts using the chain ring bolts to the outer side of any chainring with a 104 BCD (Bolt Centre Diameter).

Each guard takes two chainring bolts to mount and covers quarter of the ring meaning you can chose co protect just the bottom, or the bottom and the top of the ring.